About Us


Susan and Suzanne, the two founders of Big Island Designs Australia, are friends who worked in the Commonwealth Public Service for over two decades, and prior to this taught in universities and schools.

Until recently, we were working with ministers and their staff, business, industry, universities and schools as well as international delegations. We noticed that it is often difficult to find the right ‘made in Australia’ gift for colleagues or visitors, especially given the time constraints people are under when organising events.  We also noticed that there are only a few places available to find a range of quality, functional and affordable Australian made products for the home and office.

Our first step has been to set up this much needed online store to make it a whole lot easier to find a collection of Australian made products in one easy location.  We know that this will help people in busy jobs looking for business gifts, as well as those who are looking for Australian products for their home, family and friends.

We had fun handpicking our first collection. We have taken care to source designs from makers in every state and territory in Australia because we want to showcase the work of talented Australian designers.  We are lucky to be working with a talented group of over 90 designers and artists from all around the country. In our search we even discovered the last Australian wrapping paper company manufacturing in Victoria as we made contact with a great range of suppliers.

We also want to encourage people to buy Australian made gifts for their colleagues and family and friends and, in this way support, the Australian creative industries to flourish.

Our aim is to celebrate Australian design both here in Australia and internationally.

We are now busy sourcing more great Australian homewares and lifestyle products for you to enjoy.

We really welcome your feedback. Please contact us at admin@bigislandaus.com.au.