Our Services

Our gift service makes your task of finding an authentic Australian gift for business a whole lot easier.

We will source an individualised gift range of Australian designed and made products to suit your needs, special occasions and budget.

All items are wrapped with care in wrapping paper designed and made in Australia.  Your order will be presentation-ready,  and you can view the gift before you present it to your guest.

We can fill large orders, and we can combine your specially sourced items with products already available on our website.

We can do it all for you.

Contact us directly or fill out the Advance and Large order form.   We will be in touch with you to discuss your needs.

Advance and large orders for corporate clients

We provide a service for corporate clients needing multiple or specific products over and above those that can be purchased directly from our website. We understand there is a range of circumstances where businesses/organisations/departments need a variety of gifts in larger quantities to cater for their visitors throughout the year.

We can help you to plan and purchase your gift selection in advance especially when needing to order multiple items or larger numbers of products from our product range.  We can also source specific products where you have particular requirements.

This service may assist if you:

  • have regular events planned over the year
  • are dealing with large numbers of guests and you need a specific range of gifts
  • have repeat visitors and must ensure that your gifts are varied frequently
  • need to supplement your official merchandise range
  • need to ensure that everyone in your delegation is able to offer a unique gift without each individual having to do the leg work.

We are also happy to source new products to meet your specifc needs and budget.

We will provide your chosen Australian made products with presentation packaging that ensures your gifts can be given to your guests directly.  

Our advance and large order gift packages include:

  • products from the Big Island Designs range in large quantities
  • attractive presentation in Australian made packaging or according to your specific requirements
  • delivery.

Please use our Advance and large orders form to tell us your requirements.  

Within 24 hours of your request (the next business day), we will contact you to acknowledge receipt, clarify your order if required, and confirm expected delivery dates.  Advance orders require full payment on confirmation of the order.  

Please contact us on info@bigislandaus.com.au if you have other gift requirements.  We are happy to help.