Gumtree Brooch

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This brooch is inspired by the unique beauty of the native Australian gumtree. The Gumtree brooch is crafted in 925 sterling silver with a matt brushed finish. Due to characteristics of being individually handmade the piece may have small differences compared to the images shown.

Dimensions: 3.2cm x 2.7cm

Material: 925 sterling silver

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Product Description

Designer/jeweller: Atelier Nomada Jewellery

About the designer/jeweller: Atelier Nomada is a Melbourne based contemporary jewellery design studio, founded by architect and urban designer Flavia Barar. For the past ten years, Flavia has been travelling and living in Australia and other countries. Through her jewellery Flavia seeks to capture the identity of Australia.

The Gumtree brooch is part of a Bushwalk Series inspired by the unique beauty of the native Australian flora.

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