Original Cyanotype Botanical Print

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Each cyanotype is a handmade original. Cyanotype is a photographic printing process, using the sun for developing an image, that results in a cyan-blue print.

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Product Description

This is an original cyanotype print designed and created by far north Queensland artist and ceramists Mollie Bosworth.

It is signed and dated by the artist.

Mollie uses an intensive hands-on process and each print is treated individually to give each one unique characteristics. Each print is either a direct photogram of leaves and objects or a contact print from specially prepared digital negatives. These are produced by image manipulation of original images from Mollie’s collection.

Cyanotype is an historic photographic printing process that gives a cyan-blue print. The process using two iron salts and the sun for developing, was discovered in 1842 by Herschel. In 1843 Anna Atkins produced her book on British algae, illustrated with cyanotype photograms, which was the first printed book illustrated with a body of photographic illustrations.

Artist/designer details:

Mollie Bosworth is a well-known and exhibited artist and ceramicist living and working from her studio in far north Queensland.


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