Porcelain vase -medium- ‘lines’ design

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Product description: This ‘lines’ black and white medium vase is a standalone piece and looks great with blooms as well. It has a small opening that makes it good for small bouquets or even individual stems. A playful change is made to the pattern on the front and the back of the vase, making it an ideal piece for viewing from different angles.

Combined with others from the Erin Lightfoot range makes a stunning display.


On each piece the signature print has been tailored to the particular vessel and contains details unique to that piece alone.

Dimensions: 10cm x 14cm

Materials: porcelain

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Product Description

Artist: Erin Lightfoot

Materials: porcelain

Care Instructions

Clear glaze is applied to the interior and exterior of the porcelain.  Please treat all pieces with respect and care and they will continue to serve you well time and time again.

About the artist

Erin Lightfoot is a Queensland based Australian print designer and artisan who uses colour and pattern to enhance objects and spaces. Her primary medium is porcelain which she uses to create functional canvasses for her elegant print designs. Each product in her porcelain range is handcrafted by either Erin or her partner and collaborator Tang Oudomvilay. Their focus is on craftsmanship and quality.

Each piece shows Erin and Tang’s love for clean and elegant design.

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Dimensions 6 x 6 x 14 cm


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