Toy Koala

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This Australian icon is hand-stitched with love and made from beautiful merino wool felt. It is filled with a non-allergenic stuffing made from recycled plastic water bottles. It can be placed more ornamentally in a nursery or home, or cuddled to bits! An ideal gift that travels well.

Dimensions: 13cm x 21 cm (approximately)

Materials: merino wool felt, non-allergenic stuffing

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Product Description

Designer: Caitlin Perkins  

About the designer:
Caitlin Perkins’ ‘My menagerie’ is a menagerie of mostly animal-inspired handmade merino wool felt toys, cushions and nursery products. Each product is designed and hand-stitched with care by Caitlin Perkins in her Blue Mountains studio. Many of the designs are inspired by Caitlin’s childhood – growing up on a small farm in the Tasmanian bush, where her family raised orphaned pet wombats who loved munching on carrots, where guinea fowls ran amuck and where wild owls hooted in nearby trees at night. Each product is made from natural merino wool felt sourced locally, and filled with a non-allergenic stuffing made locally and from recycled plastic water bottles. The material choices reflect the maker’s consciousness of her environmental footprint in making a consumable product. 

Care Instructions: Hand wash with care in cold or luke warm, soapy water and allow to air dry. Do not apply heat or vigour when washing as the item is hand-stitched and the wool may loose its shape or shrink.

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Dimensions 21 x 15 x 4 cm


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