Vase ‘Banksia’- medium red and white

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This stunning vessel features the distinctive banksia flower cone carved into the porcelain.

Created from high-grade Australian porcelain clay each vessel is drawn, decorated, meticulously carved and brought to life with colour -in this case, red on a white matte background.

Each vessel has a weighted sturdy base making it ideal to hold a selection of flowers or as a sturdy stand-alone sculptural piece. These are timeless pieces.

Banksia is a genus of around 170 species in the plant family Proteaceae.  Its characteristic spikes and fruiting cones and head are well-known wild flowers. They are found in a wide variety of landscapes in Australia including forest, rainforest, shrubland and some more arid landscapes, though not in Australia’s deserts.

As an added detail, each piece has the plant flora species, Banksia, engraved on the foot rim.

Dimensions: H: 9.5cm; W: 8cm

Materials: porcelain



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Product Description

Artist: Danica Wichtermann, Rediscover Ceramics

About the artist:

Danica Wichtermann is a successful ceramicist and teacher working in Perth Western Australia. Her native porcelain botanical vessels are inspired by her love for the great Australian bush. Her work features the stunning distinctive flora of Australia including golden wattle, banksias, sheoaks and waratahs in a range of vessel shapes in striking colour.